The City of Redondo Beach is clearly divided into two sections, North Redondo and South Redondo. The dividing line is found at 190th St/Anita St. Its northern-most border lies along Manhattan Beach Blvd. and it continues as far east as Inglewood Ave. North Redondo also borders Manhattan Beach along Aviation Blvd. As the oldest incorporated city in the South Bay, Redondo Beach has a rich and interesting history dating back to the 1850s.

There are four real estate MLS sections within North Redondo Beach. Many home buyers are drawn to North Redondo for the quality of public education, the proximity to major commuter routes, and the varying degrees of entry-level real estate pricing offered.

North Redondo is zoned for the majority of the city’s commercial real estate and industrial space. It is home to aerospace and engineering companies such as Northrop and Grumman Corporations that helped encourage the post-war surge of South Bay development and home-ownership in the 1950s. Businesses such as these and others at the tech campuses of nearby Silicon Beach continue to anchor competitive careers here in the South Bay while contributing to the ongoing appreciation of real estate values in North Redondo Beach.

One of the South Bay’s premier cultural facilities, The Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, is located on the site of what once was Aviation High School. The school’s track and field are all that remain of the former North Redondo campus, and now operates as an open-air, public fitness track and sports field.

When developing North Redondo, the city planned for a demand for housing and granted zoning variances that allowed for large parcels to be shared by multiple homeowners to increase housing density for the ever-growing city. This gave way to the now dominant “two-on-a-lot” and “three-on-a-lot” style homes found all throughout North Redondo. Another variance allowed for splitting lots with a 50’ frontage to a 25’ frontage, which resulted in the many “tall and skinny” style homes more commonly found in the older sections of North Redondo that border Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach. To balance the density with recreational space, the city dedicated numerous parkettes sprinkled all throughout the North Redondo neighborhoods. Not only did the re-zoning increase the opportunity for more families to populate the area, it did so with a better affordability factor. This trend continues to draw new residents to North Redondo.


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